How to apply Killer Cover

1.  Use the back of your hand as a blending palette. This will provide a more even application than blending directly on your skin.

2.  Take the edge of a spatula and “shave off” a small amount of product and put it on your hand. You need very little of because it is so concentrated.

3.  Start with a quarter size amount in the color closest to your “natural skin tone”. Then, place a small dab of a lighter and a darker tone next to it. Using your fingertips, blend colors together to create your perfect shade.

4.  The warmth of your fingers will “liquefy” the product for smoother application.

5.  Take your non-latex blending sponge and pick up the product from your hand. Tap the makeup onto the affected area using a slight “rolling” motion.  By doing this you will not lift the makeup off the skin; you are blending into the skin.

Don’t forget your NO, NO words…NO STROKING, NO SMEARING, NO PULLING.

6.  Feather out the edges until the makeup blends seamlessly into the skin.

7 . Set your art work with loose translucent powder using a powder puff. Let it set for three minutes. Buff off excess with a powder brush.

Tip:  It is important that you take Killer Cover concealer out of the jar before applying.  The product needs some warmth either by your fingers or cosmetic spatula for easier application.  It is most effective when using a powder to set it.