Tips to Cover Dark Under-Eye Circles & Shadows

If you try to cover with a concealer that is too light, you will wind up with a grey ashy look that is worse than what you started out with!

-Orange Masking Crème™ is designed to conceal and neutralize very dark circles. The Everything Pencil™ offers certain colors which also conceal and neutralize such as Pure Beige or Pink Glow.

-To keep things as natural as possible, apply your foundation first and then top off with your concealer. Cover the inner corner of the eye where it is darkest and follow through to the inner half of the under eye. This way if you have the beginnings of fine lines, you are not adding weight to the outer half and showing off the problem.

-You will get the most natural cover with a brush. You have much more control with a brush than you have with your fingers and you will use less product. But, if you prefer to use your finger, opt for your ring finger, as it is weaker and will apply less pressure to the delicate skin.

HINT: You should always use an eye cream before applying any type of concealer, but let it absorb for 60 seconds before you apply product.