Tips to Cover Under-eye Bags & Puffiness

Very heavy bags and puffiness are extremely hard to cover and it is best to try to detract from the problem by focusing on your eye makeup and highlighting your lip and cheek color.

-If you have a light to medium puff your brush is your best friend. I always used an eyeliner brush and applied a light color right under the puff to lighten the dark area. Do this over your foundation. The effect is that you want to cancel out the shadow that lies right underneath the puff (or bag if you will!).

-Heavy concealer will make it look worse so start lightly, you can always add more. Blend very carefully then powder. TA DA, the puff will look less obvious. I use to have to do this every day of my life until at the ripe old age of 35, when I went to a surgeon!!!” Look Ma, no more puffy eyes!!!”