Rosacea & Other Redness of the skin

  • Start with a clean and moisturized face.
  • Apply The EraseZit™ Antiseptic Concealer over all affected areas. Pat and blend gently, leaving no lines of demarcation. Choose between Neutral and Neutral Light, whichever is closest to your skin tone.
  • Apply Special Care Cover™ makeup for Sensitive and Irritated Skin-a two-part compact containing one dark yellow neutralizer and one natural beige concealer. It is designed to diminish red areas by blending the two colors; the yellow halts the red while the beige brings the skin tone back to normal. Start with the dark yellow neutralizer, then layer the concealer which brings your skin back to a natural tone.
  • Use the back of your hand as a blending palette.
  • Pat and blend gently with your sponge in a downward motion. See all the red disappear.
  • Use The Everything Pencil™ for touch-ups during the day at home or on the run.

Note: This is a cosmetic solution. Camouflage Cosmetics do not take the place or interfere with your doctor’s advice.