Tips to Cover Port Wine Stains & Birthmarks

If the mark that is being covered is around the eye area and you need heavier make up.  Do not use any eye creams or moisturizers prior to concealment. Any make up has to be on dry skin to stay.

-When applying Killer Cover™, start off with a very thin layer of make-up, and add more layers as needed. Pat with powder in between layers using a cotton pad or puff. Do not miss any area that concealer has been placed. Gently brush off the excess in a downward motion.

-Use a lighter color on the birthmark first. Without blending, use a second darker color and blend with your finger to match the birthmark with the surrounding color of your skin. Remember, always blend, and never rub.

-If your birthmark is on your cheek or eye, after concealing, use blush and eye shadow that are the same color as your birthmark. Your make up will look very natural.