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How to cover Vitiligo or Hypo-pigmentation

Need to cover Vitiligo?  We have the best concealers to cover white patches of the skin due to Vitiligo.  You need a concealer makeup that is natural enough to fill in the white patches, to match the rest of your skin, creating a flawless complexion.  Our concealers were designed to cover Vitiligo whether it is a small or large area.

For smaller areas, try our Everything Pencil Concealer to fill in the white areas.  For larger areas, use our Killer Cover – Total Coverage Concealer. This ultimate coverage concealer covers the most difficult skin discolorations that traditional concealers cannot touch. With our 5 color wheel palette, you can mix and match colors to create your perfect shade. It’s waterproof and will last all day.

vitiligo before and after makeup

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