A few months ago, I couldn’t go anywhere without someone mentioning my acne. As a person who’d had virtually no blemishes throughout high school, I wasn’t used to the negative attention. I’d rub it raw hoping to magically scrub away the many imperfections on my skin. I tried two different topical treatments prescribed from a …Read More about Christina

Best, JG

“I rushed to try the invisible stockings on my lower legs which are freckled and spotted from the sun. it worked so nicely that i wondered if i could use it on my neck which suffers from a dermatologist using the wrong setting on a photo derm machine and left me hyperpigmented — we’re talking …Read More about Best, JG

J. Novell

Dear Judith, I love how easy this makeup goes on – and it’s so easy and quick to apply. After using liquid makeup forever, I always thought creme makeups were too heavy. Boy, was I wrong! It stays on and even out everything beautifully. If it would only take wrinkles away! – but, it does …Read More about J. Novell

Teresa L.

Dear Judith, I just wanted to tell you I just love the Special Care Cover. I can’t believe how much I love this product. My face loves it!!! My skin looks great. This is the nicest product I have found to camouflage just about everything. I wear it alone, and it just melts into my …Read More about Teresa L.

Lisa O.

Hi Judith, I used the colors in the compact today, and all it took was a little blending and voila! It’s the first day I’ve ever gone bare faced and I must say that it’s because of your Orange Masking Creme! I have dark circles, mainly due to allergies and shift work (I’m a Police …Read More about Lisa O.

J. Gastwirth

Dear Judith, Judith August Cosmetics helped me to finally overcome a lifelong obsession with the dark circles under my eyes. During the last 25 years, I’ve tried every product on the market –who would have known that an ORANGE-tinted cover-up was the best choice. Besides beautifully covering the circles, I’m especially pleased that the product …Read More about J. Gastwirth

Patty B.

Hi, I just wanted to say that your Killer Cover is AMAZING. I have used another brand for years and they undoubtedly changed the formula – they did something buy whatever it is it is no longer waterproof. I was disheartened and couldn’t swim until I tried your Killer Cover and Pure Setting Powder. It …Read More about Patty B.

Courney A.

Dear Judith August, I’m a freshman in high school, and I have been having problems with many pimples popping up on my face and not going away very easily. But now, because of your EraseZit pencil, my pimples disappear faster. Your EraseZit pencil covers up my zits a lot better than the normal concealer. What …Read More about Courney A.

K. Pokorny

Dear Judith, Thank you very much for the fantastic EraseZit, double duty antiseptic concealer. My whole family uses it. (3 teenage boys and myself.)

K. Waldron

Dear Judith, I wanted to let you know how valuable your EraseZit pencil has been to my son. As a teenager, he started having the usual blemishes and breakouts. One day, I saw the EraseZit in a store so I bought it for him. I liked the fact that in addition to covering up blemishes, …Read More about K. Waldron


Hello Judith, Guys get over this product looking like its makeup and give it a try! I am a 40 year old male and dated an esthetician for four years, so I know how to take care of my skin. Occasionally a blemish sneaks out, even at my age. At the first sign, before bed, …Read More about Jeff

D. Abrams

Judith, WOW! I just wanted to say thank you for the best concealer I have EVER tried! (the EraseZit pencil) I’m an adult male with a few broken capillaries on the face, a few sun spots and occasionally a blemish or razor bumps. When I go out I like to cover those marks okay, so …Read More about D. Abrams

Marge C.

Hi Judith, I just had to let you know how wonderful your Everything Pencils are. I just received them today. I can’t believe how it hides everything!! I just ordered three more of them because I don’t ever want to be without these. Thank you for making such a wonderful product that REALLY WORKS!!

Janet P.

Dear Judith August, I just received The Everything Pencil. I hurried into the bathroom and applied the pencil to a large broken capillary just under my right nostril and to the smaller broken capillaries on either side of my nose. For the FIRST time since I’ve been wearing makeup, I was able to cover ALL …Read More about Janet P.

Jeannette L.

Dear Judith August, I just wanted to thank you for your AMAZING product! I received on of your Everything Pencils and absolutely LOVE it! I’m at the age where there are a few wrinkles around my eyes and this is the FIRST product I’ve used that doesn’t accentuate them! Had I not received it, I …Read More about Jeannette L.

D. Busky

Dear Judith, This is my first “product praise” note. All my life I’ve looked like I could use some sleep. Your “Everything Pencil” is eight hours in a stick!!! Thank you for solving my shiners.