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Looking for the best concealer makeup?

We can help with our complete line of concealers and camouflage products. You can cover up anything from simple annoying flaws to serious coverage. Each product is designed to conceal just what you need it to.

cam•ou•flage (kam-uh-flahzh) verb
Concealment by means of disguise designed to deceive or hide.

Foundation, concealer, neutralizer, corrector, camouflage makeup – what’s the difference? What are concealers actually for? When should I use one? What about those funny colored green, pink, and lilac makeup creams?  How can I use concealer on under-eye circles without looking like a raccoon – or worse than when I started?  Will concealer cover a scar or a skin condition?

Essentially, what you need to know is that each kind of makeup including foundation, concealer, neutralizer/corrector, and camouflage has a distinct texture, covering ability and purpose.

All of them conceal to a degree depending on what you want to hide or cover. Selecting the right concealer type and shade for your particular “challenge” and learning how to apply correctly really isn’t tricky once you know a little about each of them.


The Everything Pencil Available in 6 Colors

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