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Best Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Kit

- Cover Up My Tattoo Kit
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Need the best tattoo cover up makeup?

When searching for the best tattoo cover up makeup, product quality and technique of application are the two star ingredients, so that they flawlessly look like they are never there. You need a waterproof and opaque makeup concealer that blends to the appropriate skin tone with heavier consistency than the average cover-up in order to do the concealing.

Don’t’ hate it, hide it with Killer Cover’s 5 part color palette. Mix colors together for your perfect shade and hide your tattoo effortlessly.  This tattoo makeup will stay all day until you wash it off.

how to cover a tattoo with makeup


Tattoo Cover Kit Includes:

Killer Cover™ Total Coverage Concealer

Designed to cover your largest and darkest tattoo.

  • Five part color wheel allows you to custom blend & match your skin tone.
  • Waterproof & lasts all day until you decide to remove it.
  • Includes cosmetic spatula and blending sponge.


August Minerals™ Finishing Powder: Translucent

All-natural, organic mineral powder sets your camouflage makeup.

  • Natural SPF
  • Non-irritating
  • Includes powder puff


Make It Stay, Make Up Spray – Makeup Setting Spray

  • Seals the makeup and keeps it from fading.
  • Great for under heavy lights and humid weather.



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