Tips to Cover Veins

For small veins/broken capillaries on your face, The Everything Pencil™ may be all you need. Choose the color closest to your skin tone-you may need a lighter and darker pencil to create a perfect match. Apply directly on problem areas, then pat and blend gently.

For legs:

-Apply The Everything Pencil™ first to cover small imperfections such as bruises, freckles or spider veins. Start with the color closest to your skin tone, then layer another color (lighter or darker as necessary) .

-For larger area of veins and dark discolorations, use Killer Cover™. Start with the color closest to your skin tone-remove product with the enclosed spatula and apply to area on your leg. Warm the product with your fingers for easier spreading. Layer colors if necessary.

-Blue and black veins and bruises are best covered starting with a darker color shade concealer first.  Set with powder.  Then apply a color close to your skin tone on top. Blend into the surrounding areas of the leg so there is no line of demarcation. Powder again to set.