The Best Pink Blush Colors For Your Skin Tone – Tips & Tricks

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The Best Pink Blush ColorBeauty with perfect natural makeup look

Blush is the one product in your makeup bag that can truly brighten your complexion.  Your face just isn’t complete until you’ve put on a dust of blush across your cheeks.  Now, instead of tired, sallow looking skin, you’ve got a healthy and radiant look

Think pink is my mantra. Think of it as a ‘Color Lift‘.  There is no easy way to get around the fact that when our skin looks tired, we look older.

I will share a secret with you.  I have a lot of yellow in my skin and darkness under my eyes.  I want my husband to see a fresh face before him when he wakes up in the morning.  It just takes a minute but makes me feel so much better too.  I reach for my coffee and then my blush brush.  This magic Color Lift starts my day.  I feel like a flower.


Picking your most flattering shade

So, you love that coral orange color your friend wore the other day.  It was very fresh for the summer.  Well, that doesn’t mean it’s going to flatter you, but there is a coral with a pink undertone that will let you shine.

Here’s a little breakdown on the shades that generally flatter which skin tones:

Fair – Pale or baby pink look pretty on lighter skin tones.  Try our Color Lift Beauty Blush in Soft Pink

Light/Medium – Soft berry colors are best.  Try our Color Lift Beauty Blush in Berry Pink

Medium/Tan – Pink/peach or pinky bronze colors are best.  Try our Color Lift Beauty Blush in Peachy Pink

Dark – Deep rose or bronze with a deep pink undertone look beautiful on dark skin. (New shade available soon)

best soft pink blush makeup best pink blush makeup best peachy pink blush makeup

How To Apply

Take a look a this video to see how fashion maven Janice Wilson applies her Color Lift in the shade Peachy Pink.


Don’t stop at the cheeks.  The full effect of Color Lift is to swirl the brush or puff into the product and go from the cheeks on to the contour of the eyes and a touch over the arch of the brows.  I even add some on the my chine and under the jaw. Remember to start lightly, you can always add more. Once you get the hang of it and the amount of color that is best for you, prepare to be amazed.  Now you’ve got a new approach to applying color to make you look another year younger, or two.


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