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It has been a very unpredictable winter so far, but in most of the country you can bet on cold!  
With change in the air, there is change in your skin as well. Here are a few tips I practice to keep my skin healthy, hydrated, and moisturized whether I’m in the desert climate of Las Vegas, or visiting some of my favorite places like New York, L.A. and New Orleans.


tips-for-winter-skin-care -laura mercier face polishEXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN

I exfoliate 3 to 4 times a week for maximum impact. What it does is to remove the old, dead skin cells and speeds up cell renewal, which allows new healthy cells to go grow. This treatment not only helps create smoother, clear skin but helps keep makeup looking smoother and to stay on longer. Your concealer and foundation will not have “old yucky, dead skin patches” to hold onto!


Exfoliants come in different formulas. Choose products with naturally moisturizing ingredients such as oatmeal, which has anti-inflammatory properties. My favorites are a sugar or almond scrub. For st. ives apricot scrub - winter - skin - caregentle skin smoothing I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub and Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin – Face Polish is a good one as well. They are different consistencies, so I can always change things up a bit. Avoid products with strong ingredients like chemicals, acids and other ingredients that can burn or cause redness and swelling. Salt scrubs are also very good but I don’t recommend salt for sensitive skin, especially on the face. The body is another story.


tips-for-winter-skin-care-africa's best herbal oilBODY EXFOLIATION

Use your body scrub all over while in the shower to get rid of dead skin. Moisturize immediately with the bathroom door closed in order to trap important water in the epidermis and reduce itching and dryness. If your routine includes a relaxing hot-soak in the tub, exfoliate in the shower first while your bath water is heating up. The bath water temperature should be warm when you submerge into the lovely soak. Very hot water will dry out your skin. Add almond oil, milk or Epsom salts to soften the water and help with aches and pains . A bit of lavender oil is especially good in your tub to create an even more enjoyable and relaxing soak.

When you emerge from your “home made spa”, apply body lotion or oil while your skin is still damp to create a protective layer on your skin. I love Africa’s Best – Herbal Oil which I buy from the drugstore. Infused with many natural oils, I find this has become a miracle in dealing the brutal cold winters. Use alone or mix with other body lotion.

Bundle up and enjoy a cold winter night while you are toasty warm under the covers!




P.S.  Here’s a recipe I just came across for an enticing DIY blend at home.


½ cup Organic Coconut Sugar

½ cup of ground coffee

¼ cup of Organic Coconut Oil

20 drops of Vanilla Oil /  4 drops of cinnamon essential oil.


Warm Coconut, Vanilla and Cinnamon oils in a pot over a low heat.

Heat just enough to blend easily with the sugar and coffee grounds.

Remove mixture from the heat and let cool.  Place it in a bowl or jar.

Apply to the body for a delicious LATTE LOVE!


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