Blocking: The Healing Art of Camouflage Cosmetics

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Blocking: The Healing Art of Camouflage Cosmetics

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Most often makeup is used to enhance or dramatize; however, there are many who use makeup to handle temporary “flaws” and others who need camouflage to manage significant conditions from pigmentation problems due to birthmarks, bruises, age spots, scars, tattoos, vitiligo, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne and the after-effects of surgery.

Camouflage makeup can go anywhere you need it: face, hands, neck, on large or small areas. You can use camouflage make up alone or just on a small area, applying your normal foundation on surrounding areas. How much of each of you use depends on the extent of the problem.

I call this technique “Blocking” because that is exactly what you do. You visually “Block out”, or erase unwanted discolorations by layering product until you achieve your best coverage.

You are unique, so it makes sense that product color, consistency, and the techniques you use can be different from someone else’s. There is no one answer.

The best answer is to experiment to find the best solution for you. There are many fine concealing products on the market today. This type of makeup has come a long way since its beginning on stage and in the cinema.

Makeup is serious business.

When choosing your concealing makeup, look for the words “full coverage” or “buildable coverage”, which means you can make up your face, but can reapply more layers, to your discolored areas, without a cakey look.

In the following discussion, you will learn the best way to handle most conditions that might come along. If you don’t see your specific problem mentioned in these pages, don’t fret. I assure you, similar techniques can change and lessen “the look of what you do not want”. Just follow the steps and practice, practice, practice. We may not erase each and every problem but it will be a fraction of what it was.

My goal is to allow my readers to make positive choices with good products, using the right instructions to make a difference in what you see in the mirror.

The first step to any “blocking technique” is SUNBLOCKING!

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