The Power of Color: Understanding Undertones

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The Power of Color: Understanding Undertones

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Many years ago my mentor, Aida Grey, the legendary cosmetic guru of Beverly Hills, taught me many lessons. Her theory on “how to discover your own unique facial color undertone” has served me and my clients well.

To determine your personal colorization, take a look at the inside of your forearm. If your veins look blue, you are most likely to have a pink or cool undertone to your skin. If your veins look green, you have more yellow or golden undertones to your skin.” Using this information, it makes sense that certain foundation and concealer colors will be more suited to you than others. As Aida would say…“flawless can be found!”

Peachy orange with a touch of yellow is perfect for warm undertones.

Don’t let the colors fool you. The optical illusions created by these shades blend perfectly with warm skin tones. Depending upon how light or dark your skin is, this color spectrum will lighten shadows, under eye circles, and erase brown spots.

The Power of Peachy Orange

Jennifer has warm undertones and peachy orange worked miracles.

  • Under eye darkness
  • Erasing brown spots
  • Softening shadows

When we used her normal skin toned foundation and concealer, we found the “darkness” still came through. Adding another layer of “peachy orange” under her eyes and on brown spots and freckles; we evened out her complexion to perfection.

peachy orange

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