Little Lesson: Concealing Medium or Heavy Bags

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Little Lesson:
Concealing Medium or Heavy Bags

Here‘s The Concealer Principle

The interplay of lights and darks is key to cosmetic camouflage. A dark tone “recedes,” a light tone “brings forward.” Color choice is critical.

Bit-of-Blush Option: Instead of using a slightly darker concealer – try a dot of powder blush in a dusty rose or pinky orange shade. Apply lightly, directly on the puff or bag. Just whisk it on. It can work wonders! Experiment with this technique, but don’t be heavy-handed.

You will need:

  • Eye cream
  • Eye gel (optional)
  • Foundation – your exact-match shade
  • Concealer one shade darker than your skin tone
  • Concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone
  • Loose, translucent powder
  • Small oval camouflage brush
  • Fine-tip eyeliner brush or concealer pencil
  • Small, fluffy eyeshadow brush

Eye Gel & Cream

Apply eye gel first and follow with eye cream. Pause between each application, count to 60 – that’s the 60 –second rule which allows your skin time to absorb product.

Skin Tone Foundation

Apply skin-tone foundation around your eyes and on the eyelids. This evens out the entire skin tone. Again, follow the 60-second rule.

On the Puff

To flatten the appearance of the puff, apply concealer one shade slightly darker than foundation. The darker concealer gives the illusion the bags are receding. Use a camouflage brush or your finger to apply.

Under the Bag

Use a lighter concealer shade to erase the dark line just underneath the puff. Dip an eyeliner brush into concealer and work precisely into this area, or choose a creamy concealer pencil. Dot and blend.

In the Corner

Don’t forget the inside corner of the eye area (near bridge of nose) where the skin may look darker. Start lightly! Heavy concealer will only make it look worse. You can always add more if necessary.


Dip your small fluffy brush into loose powder and tap off excess. Lightly dust the under-eye area to reduce shine. This technique makes the under-eye area appear smooth and all one even color.

Quick Trick: Desperate measure for de-puffing: You can resort to the makeup artist’s trick of using a very tiny touch of hemorrhoid cream to temporarily reduce under-eye swelling.

CAUTION: Please only do this if you are in a state of desperation. it really works, but shouldn’t be done often.

medium heavy bags

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