Little Lesson: Crow’s Feet Relief

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Little Lesson: Crow’s Feet Relief

crows feet relief

Two-step tip for crow’s feet or crepey, thin skin texture

  1. To plump up this delicate skin, dot on a medium-weight eye cream to add moisture that’s missing, then pause – it’s the 60-second rule – let the moisture melt into your skin.
  2. Finish with dabs of lightweight foundation. Dot and blend using your third finger.

Sweet Eye Crème Technique

The thinner the skin, the more visible the wrinkles.

Try mixing a touch of honey into your eye cream. Pat the cream-honey mixture aggressively around your eye area to help plump up the tissue, especially the outer corner where those cute little laugh lines appear. Let the honey-plus-eye-cream settle in, and then lightly dab off excess before applying any other makeup.

Out and About?

A portable vitamin E stick in your purse means you can “quick fix” makeup lodging itself in the lines under the eye. Take a bit and warm it between your fingers and pat around the eye socket and corner of the eyes returning you to the “honey fresh” look you left home with, in the first place.

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