Gotcha Covered: Introduction

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judith august

I was seventeen and told that my dream of being a model was over. The “bags” under my eyes would never allow for great camera work and there was nothing I could do about it. Even going to the plastic surgeon was no help. Back in the early days of cosmetic surgery, they simply would not operate, I was too young. While some girls would sink into the premature wrinkles of defeat, I took it on as a challenge and started the lifelong study of camouflage cosmetics.

Lighting techniques, camera angles and all types of makeup tricks became an obsession. I studied day and night so I could compete in the glamorous world of modeling.

Every day, I started concealing something! In the beginning it was my eyes. As I continue to mature I am faced with new challenges, and I realize that there will be more on the way. The problems of my youth became the business of my future.

Most of the women I meet on my daily path confess to being puzzled about how and when to use concealing products. Over my 40 year career, nearly 80% of all questions have been, “How do I cover up under eye problems?” As cosmetic concealers are my specialty, I decided to demystify the process and to focus on this and other challenges that keep staring us straight in the eye every day!

I have tucked in tips and tricks from friends in the industry as well as a sprinkling of my favorite modeling shots from years past… they are always fun to see! Please note: I had big puffy bags under my eyes when all these shots were taken… can you see them?

Whether you are in your 20’s and 30’s concerned about under eye circles and blemishes or 40’s, 50’s and beyond carrying under eye baggage and more, please know it’s true, “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide”. The point is, no matter what your age, don’t give up. It’s exciting to know that the modeling techniques I learned and the experience I have acquired will help you to put your best face forward; it’s really a matter of emphasizing the good and minimizing the bad. As you follow the simple steps within these pages, I know you will see amazing results and truly feel good about the face that looks back at you from the mirror.

Throughout this book, I often refer to my own specialized line of products; Judith August Cosmetic Solutions™. However, the concealing and camouflage techniques I describe can be accomplished with many other fine brands offered in department stores, salons, spas, doctor’s offices and catalogs. I speak on my product concepts because I designed them for specific purposes and know how well they work and… I designed them for you so you can become your own camouflage expert.

It will be our little secret!

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