Tips On How To Contour Quick & Easy

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Tips On How To Contour

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It sure has been extreme contour mania on the internet and in stores lately.  Looks like a huge push for movie star good looks and the “Kardashian way” to makeup.  I started this blog weeks ago and before I could post it, a wonderful piece came to me on the internet.

Well, I have nothing else to say since “The Cut” beat me to it with great observation from the makeup artist, Patti Dubroff.  I respect her and anything she has to say.  If you check out her comments, she is right on, and the philosophy at Judith August Cosmetics backs up her thoughts completely.

Read the article here:

how to contourWhat We Think

Our belief is that makeup is a physiological endeavor to make us look and feel good about ourselves. Nobody’s perfect, and that’s the truth.  A fad of trying to reshape your face is not a pretty picture if you don’t know how.  Leave that to the professionals.

Don’t get me wrong, a little bit here and there can be effective when you want to mimic dark shadows which add depth and minimizes certain areas on the face. The theory of makeup is that dark recedes and light brings out the area you want to enhance.  But, there is contouring that creates an illusion and then there is contouring that goes overboard which in my view is unnecessary and unnatural.

The Best Kept Secret

The Everything Pencil – Face & Body Concealer comes in five colors, the darkest being Cinnamon.  But very few know about all the many things you can do with that color.  It is perfect, for light to medium skin tones, to contour, shape and define features on your face.  A unique color, with a natural undertone which mimics the shadows of you face without looking way overdone!

Discover All it Can Do

Contour cheekbones – sculpt under jawbone – define eyes – use it as an eyeshadow – shape your nose & forehead- enhance your lip, and if you have medium dark to dark skin tones, use it as a concealer.

Its trusty companion, The Everything Pencil in Ultra Light, is a great highlighter and will help to pull features forward.  Use it on top of cheekbones, under eyebrows, under concealer, soften fine lines around the mouth, and plump up lower lip by highlighting on the center.

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