How To Cover A Tattoo With Makeup

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How To Cover A Tattoo With Makeup

There’s a reason concealers and cover-ups are in high demand.

Maybe that lovely lady you saw today, with the gorgeous skin, is hiding something. Maybe even a tattoo, or perhaps a bruise from an injectable. The truth is, everyone has something to hide.


Tattoo History

As long ago as 300 BC, in Japan, tattoos were used on criminals, identifying their crime and serving as a form of punishment. On the flip side, tattoos were used by criminals to inspire fear in others. Today, we see them used by gang members, prison inmates and ex-cons, for the very same reasons. French prisoners who had earned their stripes by the commission of violent crimes were among the first to communicate their status through the use of tattoos. Over the centuries, humans have displayed a strong need to decorate and adorn their bodies and faces, to tell their stories. Today, this ancient art form has firmly established itself in the American mainstream.


killer cover concealer tattooTattoos Today

Studies show that at least 10 million Americans today have at least one tattoo. If you don’t have one yourself, you certainly know someone who does. Sadly, however, what you/they thought was a good idea at the time, could now be a great regret. In fact, 50% of people with tattoos now wish they’d never gotten them. Short of tattoo removal, is it possible to get rid of a tattoo?


Corrective and Camouflage Makeup

While one certainly may opt for removing tattoos altogether, there is another, less painful and easier, solution. Cover them up. Quickly and painlessly. So, what is the best makeup to cover a tattoo?


tattoo cover makeup kit

                                          Cover Up My Tattoo Kit

Judith August Cosmetics – How we cover a tattoo

As a pioneer in the field of corrective cosmetics, we have just what you need to cover, hide, conceal and correct just about any flaw you wish wasn’t there. Be it a bruise, a blemish, a scar or a birthmark or a tattoo. Our secret is Killer Cover – Total Coverage Concealer. This waterproof concealer was designed to cover the most difficult skin discolorations that traditional concealers cannot touch. When you see how completely it conceals a large tattoo, just imagine what it can do for vitiligo, birthmarks or bruises.  Check out our Tattoo Kit, which includes Killer Cover, August Minerals Setting Powder and Makeup Stay Makeup Spray Sealer.


Permanent Removal Versus Camouflage

There is also laser tattoo removal. And while this method has become more sophisticated in recent years, there’s still no guarantee of complete removal. The ink used and how deeply it was deposited can greatly affect results. If that tattoo is a great regret, a series of advanced laser treatments may be the best option. Count on 5 to 15 sessions to see results.  Killer Cover will temporarily cover that tattoo, until you remove it, leaving your skin clear and smooth.  Instead of living with the mantra of “What was I thinking,” you are now free to bare it all.  Or a little. Leaving no one the wiser.


how to cover a big tattoo

Photo courtesy of Maurice Stein. Founder of Cinema Secrets.

Got Something To

Tips to Cover Tattoos


Got Something To Hide?

Check out our complete line of cover-ups and concealers  here: We’ve Gotcha Covered.

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