Little Lessons for Eyes

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under eye bags

Little Lessons for Eyes

Trick the eye with optical illusions! The game starts here!

Under-eye Challenges

Under-eye challenges come in a myriad of forms. For example, dark circles, bags and puffs below your eyes, sagging or droopy skin around and above the eye area, discolorations, a bluish cast, scaly and red or sometimes a yellow pallor. Any and all of these situations make you look haggard and tired under your “baby blues”!

In this collection of “little lessons” you will learn that each situation requires a different type of product, color and technique. Some of these solutions are quick, no-brainer fixes; others may need another step or two.

Few people are blessed with no under-eye puffiness or minimal under-eye discoloration. If you have no puffiness, eye cream and light foundation may be all that’s necessary for your eye area. Lucky you! Skip to the next topic.

However, “eye baggage” in the form of eye puffs, often caused by water retention, allergies, sinus, too much sleep, or you may have actual bags, most commonly caused by a deposit of fat that settles right under the eye – the correct concealer and technique can make a difference.

Trial and Error

Yes, there are so many cosmetic products out there, no wonder you’re cross-eyed! You can hardly try them all. But, frankly, trial and error is the best way to find the colors and product consistency that really work for you. Let this chapter be your guide to getting wise about concealing and get ready to go “under cover”.

We all have baggage… I just happen to carry mine under my eyes. They told me I would never be a photographic model because of the bags under my eyes. I proved them wrong.

-Judith August

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