Little Lesson: Distraction Action

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Little Lesson: Distraction Action

An easy 1-2-3 step for Heavy Bags and Sags

Frankly, very heavy bags and loose skin are hard to camouflage. Basic cosmetic concealing options and techniques do not work for this problem. Today, advances in cosmetic surgery make it a realistic option for unloading truly serious eye baggage. However, if surgery is not an option – it’s best to shift the focus from the problem by concentrating on eye makeup and highlighting lips and cheeks.

  • 1 Fill in the eyebrows. A defined arch frames the eyes and draws attention away from droopy eyelids
  • 2 Draw eyeliner on the upper eyelid, if there is room. Start from the middle and working it to the edge the eyelid. Or a triangle of brown powdered eyeshadow blended upward into the crease.
  • 3 Eyeliner along the inner rim of the lower lashes helps draw attention upward and away from loose skin or puffs. Navy, dark brown or teal make eyes pop.

This technique helps focus on the eyes only, not the bags and sags.

  • 1 Arch Eyebrow
  • 2 Blend & Lift
  • 3 Line Inner Rim

More Distraction Action

An easy 1-2-3 step to Brighten & Lift

After all makeup is applied, there is one more step you can do that will visually give an “instant face lift” while further distracting from saggy eyes.

Using either a pinky peach blush or in an emergency, a dab of lipstick, place color dots in strategic places.

  • 4 Color dot over the arch of the eyebrow.
  • 5 Color dot on the upper brow bone.
  • 6 Color dot on the apple of the cheek.

Don’t leave the dot, that is only for placement. Blend the color in using a circular motion leaving just a hint of color. See how it creates an illusion that the face looks lifted.

Finish the look with luscious lips to help Shift the Focus.

So… you may not need a facelift, simply a color lift!

  • 4 lift
  • 6 Flush
  • 5 Brighten
distraction action

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