The Skinny on Powder

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The Skinny on Powder

FALSE: The biggest misconception is that powder is bad under the eyes because it makes lines more prominent.

TRUE: Loose translucent powder helps to set the makeup, keeping the product “at the surface” and not allowing it to move or migrate into the lines.

Getting Set for Day

Without powder, makeup will break down after three hours. With powder, the makeup will stay intact from the time you apply it until you take it off.

Setting powder is a necessary step to cut shine and give your face a matte finish, especially for camoflague makeup. It minimizes imperfections and blends harsh edges to give an overall soft, beautiful look.

For light to medium skin tones, translucent powder works well because it sets makeup without changing the color.

Note, translucent powder is not invisible. The term is often confused with the word transparent. Translucent powder is less opaque than other powders but not colorless.

For medium to darker skin tones, I prefer a skin matched powder to avoid a chalky look.

Powder was the first beauty product on the market, and is still the number one seller today.

The Powder Puff Technique

A velour powder puff is best to set camouflage makeup. A light dusting with a powder brush will not do the trick.

1 Sprinkle powder onto a puff and fold in half.

Rub the sides together to work the powder into the puff.

The powder should be immersed in the puff instead of just being on the surface. It will kinda look like a taco!

2 Gently press the powder onto your face. Apply in three sections. First, on your forehead. Second, do the right side of your face, then the left.

Don’t forget to powder your eyelids and powder carefully under your eyes. Lipstick stays on longer if you powder first.

If you overly powder, use a fine mist of mineral water spray over your entire face and let it dry for a nice glistening finish.

The Warm Hand Technique

After all your makeup has been applied, rub your hands together to get them very warm. Press your warm hands all over your face; in the T-zone, under your eyes and cheeks. The oil and heat from your hands take away the powdery look, leaving your makeup looking fresh and natural.

For the Beauty on the Run!

Loose powders are best to set your makeup,whereas pressed powder compacts are best for touch ups. If you have oily skin, carry oil blotting tissues with you during the day to refresh in an instant.

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