Acne & Blemish Cosmetic Coverage

Sometimes, you need to see your doctor if it’s a bad case of acne…Sometimes, it’s easier than you think!

Here’s How to Help & Hide It:

  • Cleanse and pat skin dry with your cleansers. Use EraseZit™ Clarifying Facial Pads after and in between your daily care to control oil. It gently refines pores and helps restore the skin’s moisture balance. Avoid eye area.
  • Apply The EraseZit™ Antiseptic Concealer Pencil directly to blemishes and oily areas around chin, nose and forehead. The pencil will diminish the redness instantly. Blend evenly. Use under foundation, touch-ups over foundation, or without foundation.
  • Can be followed with August Minerals™ Finishing Powder: Antiseptic Formula, which is infused with the same ingredients as The EraseZit™ Pencil. Apply with a powder brush for light coverage.
  • For heavier coverage, try Fabulous Finish™ creme-to-powder makeup which will even out your skin tone.

Note: This is a cosmetic solution. Camouflage makeup does not take the place or interfere with your doctor’s advice.

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Christina’s Testimonial (The young lady on the Acne & Blemish Coverage Solutions page):

A few months ago, I couldn’t go anywhere without someone mentioning my acne. As a person who’d had virtually no blemishes throughout high school, I wasn’t used to the negative attention. I’d rub it raw hoping to magically scrub away the many imperfections on my skin. I tried two different topical treatments prescribed from a doctor. Nothing worked. Foundation wouldn’t even hide it.

When Judith first met me, she introduced me to the EraseZit™ Cleansing Facial Pads. I began using them every day. I began to see a difference. Then she showed me the EraseZit™ Antiseptic Concealer. I drew it over my zits and blended it in. I’d even do it before I went to sleep. The first thing to go was the redness in my face. I had the acne but my face stopped being so blotchy.

Then Judith sent me to see an esthetician at Dr. Goesel Anson’s office in Las Vegas. I started getting the comments of “wow! Your face is really clearing up!” Then I started using Fabulous Finish in Buff, a 3-in-one foundation that effectively covers even my darkest acne scars.

Everywhere I go, people tell me how different I look. At my job, where I’ve worked for two years and my coworkers have seen my skin ups-and-downs, I got so many compliments it was hard to not smile. My face is cleared now…I don’t get severe breakouts anymore. I get the occasional zits, but I whip out my EraseZit™ and cover it up. It feels so great to know that no matter what my face throws at me, I’m covered with Judith’s Cosmetic Solutions.

– Christina