How to cover a tattoo with celebrity makeup artist Kim Greene

Killer Cover is the Ultimate in cover up makeup! It camouflages anything no matter your skin type or color.

In this demonstration, Kim Greene (Professional Makeup Specialist) is covering a Tattoo using Killer Cover. As you can see, the Tattoo is in a very visible location, and it covers a fairly large area of her shoulder. Killer Cover comes in 5 different shades, so you can mix and match depending on your skin color and what you are trying to conceal.

Kim Greene applies Killer Cover to the Tattoo by dabbing the area to be concealed to first hide the Tattoo, then she blends the edges, and then finishes by matching the surrounding skin tone for a natural and undetectable finish! Viola, you’re done! Results are amazing, fast, easy, and no one will ever know!

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