Judith August’s Book ‘Gotcha Covered’

Gotcha Covered is the Ultimate Camouflage Makeup book that is filled with Tips, Tricks and Practical Application Techniques that are easy and effective when it comes to covering up skin conditions like vitiligo, roseaca, scars, bruises and acne.

In this book, you’ll find extensive coverage for anyone who is looking at cosmetic surgery and post-op recuperation coverage. Anyone who has just had surgery, and is experiencing bruising, can easily hide the discoloration using Judith’s Techniques outlined in Gotcha Covered!

“Gotcha Covered the compact guide to camouflage makeup” has wonderful side bar comments that you can share with your girlfriends or keep as “your own little secrets” to looking 10 years younger, fresher and filled with life. While this book does not cover “beauty makeup”, the tips and tricks are designed to show you the basis for becoming beautiful.

Already Judith August has helped thousands of women shine, now with this book, she will be able to help thousands more… because as she says… “Everybody’s got Something to Hide”

If you’re not sure who Judith August is, she is the leading foremost expert on Camouflage Makeup, trusted by industry professionals and surgeons all over the world due to her unrelenting commitment to helping those look beautiful!