The Best Concealer Pencil

The Best Concealer Pencil – The Original Everything Pencil | Judith August Cosmetics.

Gotcha Covered was written to give you all the information you need to looking 10 years younger without anyone knowing.

The Best Concealer Pencil is also our Everything Pencil, it’s the Best Concealer Pencil on the market today! We were the first to invent it, and it is also Doctor Approved! Our Competitors can try and copy us, but our formula is a SECRET…shhhh!

The Everything Pencil is the most versatile and easy to use Concealer Pencil you can own! Our customers swear by it, and won’t leave home without it. This is one of the many great products we offer that made us Famous!!!

Makeup should be compact and ready to go when you are, so if you’re one of those women who are always dashing off to meetings, appointments, and meeting people, this is perfect for you! Our Concealer Pencil can hide imperfections in your skin to give you a fresh look in just minutes with fantastic results.

In addition, The Everything Pencil is medicated to help your skin fight off bacteria that might cause further infection related razor burns, nicks, acne, etc.