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I love you Ms. Alicia Keys, BUT, I’m not giving up my makeup bag, NO WAY!

Singer, songwriter Alicia Keys has put a ban on makeup.  At least that is what has been all over the internet lately. I guess there is a revolution going on and I don’t want to be a part of it.  Do you? “#Nomakeup” is a meme, a movement, an inspiration to some and insanely ridiculous to others.

Ms. Keys disclosed all the insecurities she has felt over the years being in the public eye.  She wrote about the anxiety that the use of makeup, or no makeup has produced whenever she left her house. What if someone shot a photo of her?  What if they post it?  How did she look?  She is sick of it. Makeup is just “phony armor,” she writes.

Did Cleopatra think makeup was “phony armor”?  Did Cave Women, African Warriors and Native Americans think painting their faces “phony armor”?   Face painting gave them strength, attraction, and a way to communicate.

Wearing makeup or not wearing makeup is nothing new.  It comes up every couple of decades as a “Cause Célèbre”.  Remember “Burn Your Bras” was another so called revolution?

Well, makeup is a real part of my existence.  I own a cosmetic company and that is the business part of me. We are dedicated to helping people improve their appearance through the use of the right cosmetics. Everybody’s got something to hide, whether it’s a simple annoying flaw or more serious coverage.   Is this phony armor if one’s self esteem is improved?  That’s a good thing.  If cosmetic challenges don’t bother you, that’s a good thing too.

On a personal level, I like to “face my world” with all the help I can get!  That’s my happy place! Contouring, strobing, baking, highlighting, “the twelve step program to create the latest eye makeup look,” well, that’s a different story!

Ms. Keys, it’s great you can look good and feel good without makeup, but, just to let you know, I’ll never let anyone take away my Orange Masking Crème!

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Viva La Makeup,



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