20 Quick Tips on Concealers, Powder and Foundation

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20 quick tips on concealers and foundation

  1. Use a concealer that is one shade lighter on the skin area that you want to highlight.
  2. Use a concealer that is one shade darker on the portion of your skin that you want to hide.
  3. For under-eye concealers, don’t go for liquidy variants. These don’t really provide good coverage. Instead, go for a supple, creamy version like our Orange Masking Crème or a concealer pencil like our Everything Pencil. The skin under eye is drier and thinner than the rest of your face, so it will benefit from the extra hydration.
  4. If your concealer dries or flakes during the day, you can dab some eye cream over it. This will emulsify with the concealer and refresh it.
  5. Do this simple foundation skin tone match test to find out if you’re wearing the right shade: Apply the foundation to the top of your arm, above the wrist. best concealer pencilDon’t apply it on the wrist, as the veins can distort the appearance of the color.
  6. Use your jaw line to test the lightness of your foundation. Allow foundation to dry; it should appear invisible but still make your skin ready for your makeup. If you see a spot or the color, it’s not the right shade for you.
  7. Use a damp sponge for solid-cream foundations. The damp foundation can give you lighter, more even coverage.
  8. Apply your foundation after you’ve applied primer or moisturizer application. Make sure to wait about a minute for the primer or moisturizer to dry.
  9. Always wear your concealer before your wear your foundation. Usually when you apply concealer, you won’t need much foundation.
  10. Control oily skin by using matte foundation. If you have dry skin, try a hydrating formulation.
  11. All powders — pressed, wet-to-dry, or loose—are great for finishing up your look. Go for the kind that sits well with your skin type, the loose powder being the lightest and wet-to-dry being the heaviest.
  12. Go for yellow-based powder (no pink tones) for the most natural look. Anything to reddish will make you look flushed.
  13. Here’s a tip for applying lose powder properly: Hold the large powder puff over the powder container, so that there is no chance of spillage. Then, tip the powder container upside down. Shake off excess powder and then lightly press the puff to your face. Finally, use a large brush to brush off the excess powder from your face.
  14. If you have oily skin, powder can help keep shineniness at bay.
  15. One rule of thumb when using concealer and foundation is to blend, blend, blend! You must make sure you blend your under-eye areas seamlessly with the rest of your face; your neck should likewise “blend” with the foundation on your face. For a complete and seamless appearance, you could apply foundation near your hairline and ears, if needed.
  16. Keep yellow eye shadow handy: You can apply it with your concealer or foundation to conceal dark circles under your eyes.
  17. Avoid cakes or fills in the wrinkles or lines beneath your eyes when you apply foundation. The best way to avoid this is to regular eye cream to your facial regimen.
  18. Clean brushes and a clean face are essential for the best effect from your makeup. Make sure to clean your applicators and brushes at least every other day to keep them in top shape.
  19. The proper order for powder application is: After applying foundation and before putting on your eye makeup.
  20. Prevent your foundation or powder from clumpling by keeping it in a cool dry place. Avoid storing it in the bathroom, whether humidity can cause it to cake.

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