7 Beauty Routines We Don’t Recommend

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Discovering unique beauty secrets that work magic for you is one of the nicer aspects of being a woman. I, like many of many us especially love finding simple beauty routines that involve natural, everyday ingredients. But, I have to say, some beauty tricks my friends have shared with me over the years seem to border on the bizarre.

What do you think?

Here I’ve listed the Top 7 strangest ones ever brought to my attention. This is not to say they don’t work, at least for these women. I’ve got to wonder, though, how they came up with the idea to try them in the first place!

  1. A charming professional woman I know swears by Boraxo, the powdered industrial hand cleaner, as a facial cleanser. She says its granular texture has a light exfoliating property that leaves her skin dewy and squeaky clean. I’d say anyone who wants to try it might want to test it first on a small patch of skin…
  2. Another friend who tends to develop dry, scaly areas on her face uses Scotch tape to remove the shedding skin. She applies it with light pressure to the flaky patch, and then gently pulls it off. According to her, you can see how effectively it takes care of peeling skin by checking out what’s stuck to the tape afterward. I think I’d be afraid to look…
  3. For taming brows, there’s stroking a dab of Chap Stick lip balm before filling in with your eyebrow pencil. I’ve also read that movie stars use a touch of lip balm on the inner corner of the eyes as a highlighter. Really? Maybe in a pinch…not too bizarre.
  4. To hide blemishes, a touch of nasal spray combined with redness reducing eye drops is supposed to reduce the inflammation, making them nearly invisible. (Here’s where I have to tout our very own EraseZit Pencil.I feel confident this does a better job, without exposing your lovely skin to a chemistry experiment!)
  5. Here’s a good one: Who knew Pepto Bismol makes a great facial mask? Apparently, the active ingredient, bismuth subsalicylate, is an antibacterial agent that shrinks pores and dries blemishes. (This beauty method also gives new meaning to the phrase “pretty in pink.”)
  6. Having a long day at work, your oily skin breaking through your makeup, and no time to retouch? Try tearing a piece from a tissue toilet seat cover, found in every ladies’ room, to absorb the shine. It probably works, but really, who thought of this!
  7. Probably the most economical beauty secret of all is cutting a potato in half, then, rubbing it on the skin to help fade scars. Potato juice is supposed to be fairly effective, and it’s certainly harmless to try. Especially since the latest in scar creams are tremendously expensive. But…

If your potato doesn’t quite give you perfectly flawless skin, try some of our Judith August concealers – designed to hide scars beautifully. Best of all, they are all pleasant and pampering to use, unlike your average potato.

Do you have an unusual, unique—or even bizarre—beauty routine you’d like share? I’m always curious to know what things women have tried, and I know others will be, too. Do tell!

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