A Time to Give Thanks

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A few thoughts to share on why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Even though there is much uncertainty in the world today each and every one of us can look inward to see the everyday blessings we encounter on a daily basis. These are certainties we can count on!

I’m now in New York City visiting with my family. (At least a part of them, the other part is in New Orleans.) My daughter Melissa and son-in-law Steve, and two of the most precious grandchildren a Gramma could ask for…I’M GRATEFUL.

My grandson just had a bit of minor surgery, but surgery nonetheless, and is doing great…I’M GRATEFUL!

I’m writing this note with my soul mates by my side. My husband and my doggy Lola. We are healthy and happy…I’M GRATEFUL!!

We will be having our Thanksgiving feast in upstate New York with many friends and family members…I’M GRATEFUL!!

I have a wonderful business and very special people I work with every day that makes our days productive and fulfilling…I’M GRATEFUL!!

I have so many friends, customers and fans that love what we do and I can help every day with what they need…I’M GRATEFUL.

Count your blessings. There is little we can do about the outside world, but we can be still and appreciative in our inside world and everyday joys…BE GRATEFUL!

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