Back to School: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

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When was the last time you took your children- or-grandchildren “Back to School” Supply Shopping?

Well, the only pencil I have thought about for many years are The Everything Pencil™- Face and Body Concealer and its sister, The Erasezit™ Antiseptic Concealer.
I happen to be in New York last week where two of my grandchildren live, and I offered to take them “Back to School Supply Shopping” at Staples. They used to be very small and back to “preschool” was a different shopping spree all together, but that was a minute ago… What a different ball game now that they are taller, older and entering 1st and 5th grade! Frankly it would have been more fun shopping at Nordstrom’s, but here we are on our shopping spree in the land of all types of school supplies and accessories. What a mind-blowing experience! What happened to the “Ole School Days,” when the school system provided supplies to the students? Today, I had two little ones walk into Staples with me and mile long lists of school supply “necessities” that were never “necessities” when we were growing up.

Talk about Pencils! Who knew there are 12 different types of pens and pencils, 10 different colored folders, 6 different types of notebooks they both needed and on and on and on. You know what I mean?

The sales person who helped us was sympathizing with me all the way. He too is the grandfather of 2 small boys and can’t get over what it takes to “go back to school.” “In our day”… was the beginning words between the two of us every time I reached for another item. Task ,Tisk, Tisk we lamented as I secured and fought for the last Incredible Hulk hard drive disk. Now to find a lanyard to match the disk…that’s another shopping day all together.

I got back to the house with 6 oversized shopping bags full of “supplies for two” and felt exhausted, overwhelmed and totally broke.

As much as I adore those fabtabulous children the only pencil I want to see now is the one in my cosmetic drawer.

If you have to deal with what we now refer to as “B2S.” No sweat, you still get a discount for the Erasezit™ pencil and it won’t break the bank!

La Di Da,

Judith August

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