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Between You & Me… acne sucks. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, then acne scars? Who wants to deal with any of them. But here at JAC, we understand that everybody has something to hide, and we want you to start this school year with a fresh face.

Ever walk into a room, and think people are staring at your acne? You just want your peers to notice you, not the enormous zit resting on your chin. Well, we have the solution to your problem. Our EraseZit Pencil™ is your answer to perfectly concealed skin.

Our pencil is an all-in-one antiseptic concealer and corrector used to cover monthly breakouts, skin irritations, scrapes, razor nicks and regular acne. Not only that, but The EraseZit Pencil™ can actually help heal blemishes with its special antiseptic oil-blotting formula. It calms irritations and protects your skin, so you can camouflage while your skin gets a lot of natural benefits, such as Tea Tree Oil and Camphor.

The EraseZit Pencil™ is so convenient. It slips right into your pocket or small clutch, so you can easily carry it with you day and night. It’s also water-resistant and long-lasting, so if you’re heading to a game or a night out with the girls, you can guarantee the concealer will stay on. It’s touch up on the go, and no one needs to know how you arrived at beautiful skin.

Of course half the battle of buying concealer is picking out the right color for your skin tone. But we’ve made it easy. Our doctor approved pencils come in two colors to fit most skin types. Neutral Light will match light to medium skin tones, and Neutral will match medium skin tones. Yes, it’s that easy.

There are two crucial parts to dealing with acne. Concealing blemishes for when you walk out the door, and skin care for when it’s just me, myself and I at home. We’ve talked about our EraseZit pencil, and its benefits, but we don’t want to downplay the importance of skin care. While the information available can be overwhelming, the truth is no one knows exactly what causes acne. And even a perfect skincare routine may not lead to a clear face. But having a routine, and sticking with it, will prevent a bad situation from becoming an insufferable one.

Keep your routine simple. Invest in a solid face wash and moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide, which will kill acne-causing bacteria. Wash and moisturize once or twice a day, the best times being before bed and when you first wake up. Wash your sheets often, and most importantly, do not pop pimples! As tempting as it may be… acne scars are just as unsightly as the pimples itself.

But in the meantime, we gotcha covered! The EraseZit Pencil™ is your solution for a gorgeous complexion. Just apply at first sign of a blemish, and let the pencil help your acne, while giving you a fresh face to start the school year!

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