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We love this time of year here at Judith August Cosmetics, because we get to celebrate the most special type of woman, Mom, Mommy, Mother, Madre, Mamma, etc. Mother’s Day is filled with flowers, pampering, yummy brunches, and of course giving thanks to the woman who provided unconditional love to you since the day you were born. She cradled you as an infant during 4am feedings, cheered you on during soccer games, put up with a door slam or two during those tumultuous teenage years, and yet, through it all, love prevails. There are less than few people in our lives who we can say that about.

Then: Judith Modeling photo with daughter Melissa - Malibu, California

Then: Judith Modeling photo with daughter Melissa – Malibu, California

Now: With daughter Melissa - Paris, France 2010  And the beat goes on...thanks goodness!  I love you Melissa!

Now: With daughter Melissa – Paris, France 2010 And the beat goes on…thanks goodness! I love you Melissa!


To honor all types of motherly relationships, we wanted to share other Mom stories and invite you to share your own.

My mom and I were always close growing up, but now that I am a mother, I can see clearly everything she taught me. My mom was always the frugal one when it came to money, and who put down the ground rules instilling the dos and donts with us. Then through High School she was the ‘cool’ mom who brought us lunch, homemade cookies, was at every Volleyball game, Basketball game and Track meet.

As I’ve gotten older, she has become not only a ‘cooler’ mom, but my friend. We have long talks, go shopping together and she still never misses a beat telling me when I shouldn’t be doing something, even at my age. I don’t know how she handled two kids by the age of twenty-three and survived the teenage years with us.

I still look to my mom for guidance and she is always there when the emotions are high and patience is low. She is the best Mom, friend and ‘Granna’ I could ever ask for. She deserves more than a brunch or flowers for all she has done and continues to do. Thanks Mom!
-Jennifer, Executive Vice President, In the Spotlight Marketing

Jennifer with her daughter, Juliette

Jennifer with her daughter, Juliette


I grew up with a mom who could do it all. She was loving, supportive, basically ran the household, and had a thriving career for which she worked hard to achieve. In all aspects of her life, she was successful.

From an early age, my mom set high standards for herself. She aspired to be completely independent, by doing what she loved to do. As the first born, I can recall her younger days, before she grew into the strong woman most people remember her being. I watched her attend grad school classes, waitress at night, and substitute teach during the day, all while running our family. And by the time I was about 8 years old, her hard work and networking paid off, and she was offered her dream job.

I remember there being no other option for my mom than to get what she wanted out of life. And now I am in my mid-twenties, I find myself in the exact same position. Working towards my own thriving career and waitress on the side for extra money. And like my mom, there is no other option for me. It never occurs for me to be any other way, because this is what I am supposed to be doing, and I have always known that. Which attests to how strong her influence on me has been.

When I have children, I know I will try to infuse those same hard-working, independent values my mom installed within me. I should mention my mom passed away ten years ago, when I was fifteen, unexpectedly from brain cancer. I miss her everyday, but I sleep soundly knowing I am working towards achieving everything she wanted for me out of life: an education, independence, a career doing what I love to do, and most importantly (and I’m throwing out a classic here) treating others as I would want to be treated. I live my life solely to honor my beautiful mother, in hopes I am making her proud. But, of course, if I wasn’t she’d love me anyway, because that’s what moms do!
-Kathleen, Marketing Coordinator, In the Spotlight Marketing

Kathleen with her Mom

Kathleen with her Mom


We’re celebrating Mom all week. Visit the Judith August Facebook fan page to share with us the influence your mother has had on you.

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