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01 /12/ 2011 by under:

A big “THANK YOU” to Christie Brinkley for mentioning THE EVERYTHING PENCIL™ as one of “Christie’s favorite things” in PREVENTION magazine this month.

It sure has brought a lot of excitement around here at JUDITH AUGUST COSMETICS and the e-mails are pouring in.

What people are saying is that Christie Brinkley is not simply a celebrity, but a role model, living life in a gracious loving, healthy, and positive way.

It goes to show us all that looking good and feeling good is a precious gift not only for the “over 50 gang” but, for younger women to keep aspiring to.

Beside is “the blurb” from the magazine, but I encourage any woman who wants to read an inspiring article to pick up the February issue of PREVENTION on the stands now.

Sending warm wishes to you and yours for a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!


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