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I like to think of getting older as entering “The Elegant Years,” and judging by the responses we got from our survey, those years are on many of your minds as well. I am happy to answer many of the questions I received and grateful that so many of you took the time to communicate with me. What a joy to meet you!

More than half of my audience was interested in learning how to use concealer makeup to fill in soft lines, alleviate wrinkles and hide veins. Today I talk about a simple trick that will help you with these issues.

Survey Question: “I am 52; what do you recommend for a line concealer that goes under foundation? One that actually fills in and softens the lines around the lips, and helps keep my lipstick from running.”

Answer: It’s easy! Use the Everything Pencil that is one shade lighter than your foundation; you can draw the lines away. Gently press into the lines as if you are applying putty. Pat and blend, followed with your foundation which will give you the softening effect you are looking for.

Survey Question: “Do you have a water resistant makeup product that I can use to cover up spider veins when I am in my water aerobics class?”

Answer: Once again – the Everything Pencil to the rescue! You can draw away those pesky veins easily. Simply use your pencil to erase away! Since every part of the body is a different color, you may need to blend a couple of pencils together in order to achieve the perfect match. Since I have very light skin, I use the Ultra Light Everything Pencil and mix a slight amount of Pure Beige to get my perfect color. See what works for you.

It looks like we are all on the same wave length. I am in the midst of developing a new product that will address these issues and will be a great companion to the Everything Pencil. Stay tuned and remember “Everybody’s got something to hide!”

Judith August

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