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01 /17/ 2012 by under:

As we enter 2012, more people than ever are becoming aware of the image they project to the outside world. Sexy, intense, bold, beautiful, powerful, natural – whatever your image is, are you aware of it?

Whenever you walk into a room, every eye upon you is a camera. CLICK! The image you exude is communicated the instant people see you. The challenge is to inform these eyes that behold you, to receive the impression you want them to, long before you open your gorgeous mouth to speak. What better time than the new year to take stock of your image.

Why is it so important to create the image of yourself you want others to see? To create a curiosity, a receptiveness from others that is wonderfully positive. To fully know and understand who you are and to project this self can be a soul searching experience. ??????? Most of us are a superb mixture of wondrous qualities. One thing you can be sure of however, and that is that you are unique. There is no one quite like you.

The issue of image has been a long life interest to me. I have seen perfectly beautiful, well-manicured men and women who have the perfect “first impression”, destroy it through their behavior. On the other hand, I have seen many people whose true natural selves project a charm and warmth that keeps you wanting more. I look forward to addressing this topic further on this blog.

2012 is alive with promise, hope and joy. Arise to meet it!

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