Do The Tangerine Tango

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It is interesting to think that “happiness can be a color” but it’s true.

TANGERINEThink about Gray… what happens in your brain… “ugh… gray… gray skies, gray pallor, gray ashes.” Now… think ORANGE! And not just any orange, but the newest color of the design season… “TANGERINE TANGO!” nice how just the thought brings you smiles! I love orange painted toe nails in the summer time because looking down at dancing toes brings joy to every step.

My fabulous “forever friend” Leatrice Eiseman (visit her website), the Director of Pantones Color Institute, came to the Las Vegas World Market Center last month to talk about the color of the year… you guessed it, “TANGERINE TANGO” and ladies… it is going to be everywhere! Not in giant ways, but small moments of happiness that will help us to elevate our moods one dancing toe at a time. A pillow here, a wall there, scarves, logos, nail polish… think of it as the clever “wink” that goes with a dazzling smile and have fun adding the color to your own life.

Have we here at Judith August Cosmetics known that orange makes the difference? Yes! Orange Masking Crème is our favorite product for customers with olive colored to dark skin. It brightens up your face, helps you hide “dark” circles, and a whole host of skin dilemmas and brings out the very best in your unique complexion, allowing for your true “inner tango” to shine through.

Orange… love it.. Love you!

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