Do you remember the first time?

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Do you remember your “first time”? Of course you do! Looking in the mirror every day of your young life, nothing seems to change. Skin is smooth, eyes are un-lined, no dark circles, lipstick stays put and within the natural lip line, no feathering.

Then, one unsuspecting day you pass by your trusted friend, the bathroom mirror, and take a quick glance, then another glance. What in the world is happening! A feeling of shocked surprise comes over you. Where did these dark circles under my eyes come from? What are these fine lines? I’m so dry. This is not me.

These were the comments from my niece Michelle, when I was in New York for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The joys of time spent with family was more delicious than turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings. But, it never fails. The girls are always talking make-up, no matter what the occasion and when “Aunt Judith” works in the area of concealing cosmetics, all cousins, aunts and nieces ask advise.

Michelle was devastated. Last year I didn’t have this, she complained. These dark circles just appeared the other day. How can I make them disappear?

Unfortunately, when I travel to see family, I never take along my full line of corrective cosmetics. I never think of it. But Michelle was really upset. How can you not bring all your foundations and concealers with you, she cried. What kind of aunt are you! I need you!

So, off we went to the local drug store seeking the best concealer for her. There were so many choices, and we spent a lot of time but, we did find something that would work until I was able to send her what I thought was the perfect concealer.

Michelle will never forget her “first time”. I was there to help. So for me, not only was I grateful for this Thanksgiving, for all the love and joys of family, but grateful I was there for her first time!

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