Glossary: So Many Foundations, Concealers and Neutralizers Oh My!

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Did you know? “Foundations” are the foundation of the cosmetic market? With 20 billion dollars in worldwide sales in 2011, and continued growth, foundations appear to be one of the strategic products for cosmetic brands. This choice is not to be neglected or taken lightly. As Women, we need to take our time and test several products to decide which one will suit our body chemistry and skin type.

With all the massive advertising coming in from all the major cosmetic companies, it seems as if you need a Masters Degree in Biology and Science to find the formula that works best for you.

What happened to just finding a color I like and slapping it on?

Let me help you learn just what foundation is actually for and how to apply it for the most effective results… And as a reminder, “Mon Cher” … NO SLAPPING… “Pat and blend” is my motto.

Foundation is such an essential beauty product; like a cherished companion, once we find it, we are friends forever! Designed to be “mostly invisible”, it allows the skin to appear re-texturized; smoothing wrinkles and correcting imperfections. With so many different skin types, selection requires attention for every age from younger consumers’ right through our senior years.

“Again with the skin types?”

“Yes, my friend, each skin has a type; dry, oily or combination. Sometimes you have an issue like Rosacea, Vitiligo, Acne… stuff like that. Your foundation and concealer are the products that create an artist pallet for all of the wonderful eye shadows and blush colors you use to compliment your daily look.”

Essentially, you need to know about each type of makeup; Foundation, Concealer, Neutralizer, Corrector Camouflage, and what they do. How different skin types and skin issues will react to each product, and just what those funny lavender, pink and green shades are for. Knowledge is power and educating yourself before you dive into the cosmetic section of the internet or cosmetic counter at the mall, can save hours of time, a great deal of money and what could become a massive headache.

Still Confused? You are not alone! That’s why we just posted a glossary, defining all skin conditions and the products that are perfect for each challenge at every age and stage of life. It’s a jungle out there and I am here to guide you right to the land of fabulous!

Just like Sacajawea guided Lewis and Clark, My new book Gotcha Covered: The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup allows you to find the perfect look by teaching you all the latest techniques, tips and camouflage tricks helping you “Makeup” your own face by covering the stuff that you don’t like to see in the mirror. I like to say “Everybody’s got something to hide” and this book specializes in concealing dark circles, rosacea, post surgery bruising and other issues that show up in our lives. You can purchase my book HERE.

Old school and “new techniques” are all the rage here at Judith August Cosmetics where my instructional videos on YouTube are available for you to explore the art of camouflage makeup and to find the technique that is perfect for you.

We think we covered all your questions in the glossary, but please let me know if I have missed something that is important to you. I can be reached at [email protected]. Stop by the website and like us on Facebook. My staff and I love finding more ways for all of us to conquer the beauty jungle.

Just remember, every step of the way- “I’m Judith August and Gotcha Covered.”

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