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There are distinct moments in a woman’s life, where we can recall, at the drop of a hat, the time we felt the most beautiful. A moment where every issue we normally analyze each time we brave the mirror, has vanished. And we feel completely natural, and one hundred percent ourselves. This is a moment we never forget.

As women, we tend to be hard on ourselves when it comes to appearance. Of course one can argue society practically demands for such harshness, or perfection. But that minimally softens the blows. Because when those laugh lines begin to appear, or we get yet another blemish smack dab on our nose, nothing stops us from feeling aggravated towards our imperfections.

Then that day magical day arrives, where everything aligns. Your skin looks flawless, hair that stays in perfect position, and an outfit that hugs your curves just right. You feel light on your feet, and like you can take on the world. Because it becomes more than simply “looking” great, but feeling great. And exuding the strength and confidence that resides in us all.

We see many of these type moments on TV, or in movies. A character from Sex in the City comes to mind. In Season Five, Miranda battles insecurities about her “post-baby” body. Normally very slender, having a baby left her with extra pounds around her belly and thighs. We watch as she eats junk food while simultaneously commenting how “fat” she is. We see her feel conscious after a man rudely draws attention to her “large” bottom. And eventually attend weight-watchers. We feel her pain. We have been there.

Then the episode comes where Miranda, who had been feeling particularly low, haphazardly tries on her “skinny jeans”. The type of jeans, according to Carrie Bradshaw, all woman keep in their closet in the hope the will one day fit again. And as that zipper moves up without resistance, so does her confidence. And she has her moment. The show continues on with Miranda glowing, and unmistakably confident. But towards the end of the show, as Miranda casually flirts with a group of men, Carrie smartly points out, the skinny jean isn’t just a “state of behind“, but a “state of mind“.

I love this episode, because it not only reminds us we are not alone in the struggle of appearance, but also because is inspiring to be see how important feeling good about ourselves is to our mental health. That day which stands out in your mind as one where your felt the most beautiful, isn’t solely because you thought you looked great on the outside, but it is because you looked great on the inside as well.

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