How Do You Get Rid of Eye Bags?

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Nothing makes you look more haggard and tired than puffiness or fatty deposits under your eyes.

If you have “eye baggage” in the form of eye puffs, which is often caused by water retention, allergies, sinus, too much sleep, or you may have actual bags, most commonly caused by a deposit of fat that settles right under the eye – the correct concealer and technique can make a difference. If you have light puffs or bags, here’s how to get started:

You will need:

  • Light eye gel (optional)
  • Eye cream
  • Two lightweight, creamy concealers – one that matches your skin tone plus one lighter for blending.
  • Loose, translucent powder
  • Small, fluffy eye shadow brush
  • Camouflage brush

Step 1

Mix your concealers together, if needed, to achieve a perfect skin match.

Step 2

Blend and feather applying lightly. Start at the outside of the eye and move inward.

Step 3

Powder very lightly with an eye shadow brush to reduce shine and to keep concealer in place.

Don’t forget to apply concealer at the inner corner of your eye, typically the darkest area. Apply an extra layer of concealer on top of the foundation to give an extra boost if needed.



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