How to Cover Up Rosacea – An Expert Voice Clears Up the Confusion

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Some very interesting comments were placed on The Rosacea Forum website the other day from men who were so frustrated with their attempts to cosmetically conceal the redness associated with Rosacea. My heart went out to them as they talked about the demoralizing affects of not only living with Rosacea, but from applying and wearing camouflage makeup in public. I was so moved that I had to write the following response.

Dear All:

This is Judith August writing. I’ve dedicated over 20 years of my professional life to helping people cosmetically cover skin challenges such as Rosacea. And in working with both men and women alike over those years, I have certainly come to understand the frustrations and issues of self esteem that come from suffering with facial flaws—be it acne and blemishes, Vitiligo, scars, Rosacea to name a few. I also understand the challenge for us to find a possible cosmetic makeup solution to hide and/or dissipate these problems. I have walked in your shoes. You see, I have and continue to have serious “bags” under my eyes and years ago when I wanted to be a photographic model and plastic surgeons considered me too young for corrective surgery, I took matters into my own hands. I studied skin tones, lighting, makeup and its application to compensate for the appearance of my under eye bags. In the course of my achieving my dream of being a photographic model, I developed a line of corrective cosmetics.

Now, to the comments and concerns expressed in this dialogue. Here are helpful tips that can help you cover and work with Rosacea.

First of all, find a good skin care regime that will nurture and tone down the sensitivity of your redness.

Next is understanding that basic skin tones lie at the heart of developing an approach which more naturally conceals and camouflages redness. Most of us have yellow in our skin. So, a yellow-based cover is more compatible with most people’s complexions.

Green is not an appropriate tint to diffuse redness.

I certainly understand a man’s reluctance to wear makeup.

My male clients have had great success in covering their redness without the look of wearing heavy makeup with my EraseZit Pencil™. It’s an antiseptic concealer and corrector and its tea tree oil formula calms redness and irritation. It comes in two corrective colors. You dot it on and blend it in. That’s it. Plus its portable size allows you to throw in your pocket for quick touch ups. Another product The Everything Pencil™ is also a face and body concealer. It has a vitamin-enriched, aloe vera formula and comes in six corrective colors that can be used alone or blended together.

I hope I have helped you. If I sound like a mother-hen, it’s because I am!

If you have any questions please call me at 1-800-528-4878 or email me at [email protected]. In the meantime take a look at the Judith August Cosmetic Solutions website at

P.S…I also make great chicken soup!

Best regards, Judith August

If you want to read more visit The Rosacea Forum

Always, Judith

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