How to Have Flawless Legs: Say Goodbye to Spider Veins!

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Summer will be here before you know it, and that means flirty sundresses and a lot more skin on display, especially legs. Every year at this time, I start worrying whether my legs are worse than the year before. Are they too pasty? Did a tiny crop of spider veins appear over the winter?

I must confess that I created Invisible Stockings years ago for my own less-than-perfect legs. After months of getting the color and consistency right, I shared my “magic potion” with you. Soon I’ll be taking two or three bottles out of stock so I’ll be covered this summer because, thankfully, you all will take the rest! I’m so pleased you like it as much as I do!

Now as I face the long hot summer, I’m armed with Invisible Stockings and The Everything Pencil. The combination of the two is a foolproof strategy for covering veins, bruises and anything that makes me feel less than proud of my gams.

(BTW, the pencil is perfect to cover up most of the small veins. Then simply apply your “invisible stocking” over the pencil. Try using The Swirly Brush tool. The application is flawless and feels yummy too!)

Invisible Stockings’ summer bronze tint (along with the Everything Pencil for hiding veins and imperfections) is a definite one-up on bronzing and tanning creams for legs. I believe women not only want a touch of color, but love being able to conceal any flaws. And at JA Cosmetics, we’re all about gorgeous legs! After all, don’t we all dream of having legs like a dancer or Hollywood star?

Here in Las Vegas, we’re privy to the secrets of showgirls with those amazing legs that seem to go on forever. Tanning booths? Spray tans? Not for them. Their perfect legs come from flesh-colored fishnet tights. From the stage, they not only simulate flawless skin, but the elasticity in the tights makes their legs and buttocks seem to defy gravity, too! Unfortunately, these specialized tights are extremely binding and uncomfortable. The dancers can’t wait to get out of them after a show. We all know that feeling—we’ve worn pantyhose before! They’re the worst.

Besides being uncomfortable, fashionistas have been telling women to “lose the hose” for years. Pantyhose sales have plummeted as a result of changing preferences. We’ve embraced the trend of bare-legs-and-seductive-heels since the heyday of Sex and the City. Office wear has gotten a lot more relaxed, too. Besides, who ever enjoyed putting on nylons or dealing with the inevitable runs?

The trouble is, we still want those beautiful showgirl legs and that youthful, sun-kissed look. Bronzers and tanning products have gotten better—less orange and streaky– but most don’t provide extra coverage to hide the veins and superficial flaws we’re not fond of. The combination of The Everything Pencil and Invisible Stockings is truly a dream come true!

Ladies, you are definitely going to have a leg up this summer. Invisible Stockings also offers flattering color when applied to your shoulders, décolletage or upper arms. I’d love it if you’d send us a photo of your lovely legs– maybe even include a “before” shot– and we’ll share with others. I know you’ll be proud to show off the results! And who knows? If your photo gets lots of comments, you may be the winner of our divine Swirly Brush…Just for showing off!

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