How to hide Post Surgical Scars Beautifully and A Tale of the Most Amazing Breast Reconstruction Surgery Few Women Know About

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Camouflage Cosmetics and Concealers have always been a blessing for women who have undergone facial and cosmetic surgeries. It’s wonderful to be able to hide every sign of scarring until things fade beautifully on their own. But what’s even more gratifying for me personally, is to hear stories of women who have benefited from my products after serious, non-elective surgeries.

I’m so thankful that we live in an era when it is possible for women to face something as major as open-heart surgery and yet come out with only a tiny scar the width of a pencil line as a “souvenir” of their bravery. I’ve heard incredible stories about these newer, less invasive procedures that can leave fewer and less scary scars.

No story has affected me as much as the one a friend told me about the work being done at a hospital in The Garden District in The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery specializes exclusively in breast reconstruction, either after a cancer diagnosis or a preventative measure for women with the BRCA gene. Only a handful of surgeons across the country are now performing this surgery, and sadly, most people know nothing about it!

At the Breast Center, two internationally acclaimed surgeons, Dr.’s Scott Sullivan and Frank DellaCroce use advanced micro-surgical techniques to restore the breasts of women who have undergone mastectomy. Unbelievably, they don’t use implants although they can certainly do an excellent job for those who prefer them. However, in most cases, these surgeons reconstruct lovely, natural breast out of the women’s own tissue! The before and after photographs on their website will astound you and show what artists these doctors truly are. Go to to see stunning results.

The skilled surgeons create natural looking breast using fat from the tummy or buttocks. In the process, patients receive a bit of a “tummy tuck” or “buttocks-lift, which is an extra perk because this is where the fat comes from. There are scars of course, but as they fade, camouflage makeup corrects and covers and helps the patient feel beautiful in no time.

This center and its treatments are a far cry from what use to be in the beginning of “Breast Cancer Awareness” in this country. As I mentioned above, I lived in New Orleans in the 70’s. Everything about the subject of breast cancer was very “hush, hush” in those days. Then, there was a national television program on PBS called “WHY ME”, which was narrated by the actress Lee Grant. This special opened up much dialogue about Breast Cancer and its realities and hopes for the future. Breast reconstruction was not well known at the time and very few went through it.

breast_center_of_new_orleansAfter the broadcast, the PBS affiliates went into each local market for a discussion on the subject with a panel of doctors, patients, and Reach for Recovery Professionals. I had the honor of being chosen as the moderator on this special. My job was to field the phone calls from the viewing audience to the expert on the panel that could answer that particular question. It was one of the most worthwhile public service jobs I ever had. For me, it was one more step in realizing how important the role in corrective cosmetics can have on society and pushed me further into my future work.

I always welcome your stories about new procedures that lessen recovery time and scarring. Those positive tales help others have less fear. Let me know about your hopeful experiences.

For more information watch an informative lecture by Dr. Scott Sullivan himself regarding this state-of-the-art surgery.

After all….everybody’s got something to hide!

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