Invisible Threads

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I was interviewed the other day by a reporter. In addition to talking about my corrective cosmetics, she asked a provocative question. She wanted to know what I had learned about life vis-a- vis my business over the years. This brought to mind something I had not thought about for years. It is what I call “Invisible Threads” and it reminded me why I do what I do.

Since I founded Judith August Cosmetic Solutions more than 20 years ago, women from all over the world have reached out to let me know how their lives have been affected by their cosmetic challenges. Some suffer from serious conditions like birthmarks that dramatically affected their self esteem, while others simply wanted to improve their appearance by camouflaging minor flaws like under eye circles….just something simple that makes them feel better.

The amazing thing is no matter where these women were from, and I’ve met thousands from almost every continent, we all had common “Invisible Threads” that connected us. Our desire is to be and do our best, not only for ourselves, but for those in our lives who we love and who count on us.

I feel so grateful that I have many many sisters through out the world!

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