Jenny & Jeremy… Wedding Day!

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Last month I described the amazing wedding I attended at Bullock Wilshire, promising to get back with you on the charming young couple and more about the event…so, here we go!

First, the darling groom, that Jenny describes as “seven year stand-up comedian, working as a screen writer…. sitting down!!!” couldn’t have been more loving and adorable. The ceremony, written and directed by the two of them, was a very unique and special channeling of the couple’s philosophy on style and substance. But, let’s get to the important part….THE FOOD!!!

You see, our lovely bride made her own wedding cake and designed her wedding menu, trusting the actual catering to a second company…( a girl has to have a moment free from the kitchen when she’s in “the white dress “ mode!) The menu was created by her personal enterprise, SPORK FOODS, a Los Angeles based Gourmet Vegan Food Company. This enterprise is owned and operated by Jenny and her sister Heather Goldberg.

The philosophy of their, innovative cuisine emphasizes organic, local and seasonal ingredients. They offer Organic Vegan cooking classes, on and off line, home healthy eating consultations, and private cooking parties. We were all lucky enough to taste and learn all about this popular cuisine at the wedding.
Truth is, here at JA Cosmetics, we love to eat!…little nibbles of tasty scrumptiousness throughout the day…just nibbles mind you, we do come from a modeling background! So, as girls do, we share recipes, experiences, and friends, in tastiness, and nothing is better than something gastronomically new. We are now hooked on SPORK FOODS. Their new cooking domain, featuring vegan cooking shares their visually appetizing excitement of flavorful burst of delight. Visit to learn more.

Jenny and Heather are like the good sisters in a fairy tale, leading us through the magical kingdom of rich healthy eating, casting off bad juju with well concocted spells of yummy deliciousness and showing us the way to the emerald city of fun dining. These girls are truly a winning combination. Everything they teach comes from the earth and is here to make your body run better. They take care of the “little imperfections on the inside”, and I like to think we at JA Cosmetics help with the “little imperfections on the outside”.

It’s the future…really cool stuff. I’m thinking the groom is never late for dinner… lucky man.

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