Judith August INVISIBLE STOCKINGS™ “It’s A GAM Thing!”

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Long, slim, and fabulous flawless legs have been the prize possession, and a man’s obsession, of many beautiful women throughout the ages. Movie Stars have been known to insure their legs for millions of dollars because of this career enhancing asset.

Silk nylons, of the finest nature, were purchased as trade with Japan where worms labored tirelessly spinning silk for the sake of our beauty.

When world war 11 broke out these itsy bitsy workers continued to weave, but now it was for creating parachutes for Japanese soldiers and spinning for silk stockings went by the wayside.

While DuPont began “nylon stocking”production in 1939; alas…their machines also went into parachute production and women had to look for other ways to create the “stocking clad look”, but without the silk nylons.

In the early 1940’s Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein created their “Liquid Leg Makeup Bars” which popped up in every department store. Even though clever names like “Gentlemen Prefer Bronze” and “Mist of Dawn” showed up on the shelves, application of these products was often an arduous affair.

The pigments were dry and flakey and the fluids often suffered pigmentation separation. Some women went so far as to color their legs with instant gravy. None were “waterproof” (imagine the random rain storm) and the reality of drawing a line up the back of the leg (to pretend silk nylons) was nearly impossible and totally tedious!

What goes around comes around and we fast forward to today. Some say “nylons, what for??? They creep and they run and pull and bunch in all the wrong places!” With the onset of self-tanning and hundreds of “bronzing” liquid potions and lotions women feel free again!

Judith August Cosmetic Solutions took a “new spin” on this and created a ColorTint that mimics the look of silk nylons giving the illusion of silky, sexy legs along with the beautiful sheen we love. … But without the itsy bitsy worms!

The wonder of simply applying this luxurious sheen filled, emollient cream with vitamins, good for our gams is enough to get us out the door and into the limelight. It’s also smudge proof and water resistant and can be layered for a light sheen to darker with the flick of your fingers or “Swirl Brush”

Invisible Stockings™ do not stop at legs alone. Use all over arms and décolleté for a healthy and sliming appearance…then simply remove with warm soap and water

Go ahead…dress up in “INVISIBLE STOCKINGS™”

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