Judith Sits Down with Alana Lee, Miss Nevada 2011 (Part 2)

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Judith August, Founder Judith August Cosmetics, recently spent some time with Alana Lee, Miss Nevada 2011. She asked Alana about her Miss Nevada experience and how she looks so good on and off the stage. This is part two of a two-part interview.

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I had lunch with the talented and adorable Alana Lee, Miss Nevada 2011, last week and she looked smashing as ever. Poor girl is simply flawless: so you can imagine my surprise when she asked me what to do about the dark circles under her eyes! I was almost stuck for an answer but if I were to be super picky I told her about our Orange Masking Crème and how it could even get rid of more of the dark under her eyes and is also is a great item to put in her make-up bag for traveling to her BIG EVENT.

She is now using a light under eye concealer followed by her skin matched foundation. It is just fine…but, to be even finer, I would prefer a peachy orangey, pinky, color that are the undertones of Orange Mashing Crème. Alana has a light olive complexion and a warmer under eye concealer might be a bit better for her. Orange Masking Crème is also a great cover-up for bruises and you never know if something might happen right before she goes on stage… Better be safe than sorry.

The following is part two of a two-part interview:


Judith: Pageant hair isn’t what it used to be. How did you choose your hairstyle?

Alana: Honestly, my hairstyle has evolved quite a bit over the past two years. I started with long, blond hair to short, brown hair and am now happy with my medium-length blond hair. I feel like hair makes or breaks a person’s image. Before deciding what to do with your hair you should decide what specific qualities or characteristics you are hoping to convey to others through your image, and then choose a hair cut and style that helps you accomplish that objective.

Judith: Head shots. Do you prefer natural or glitzy?

Alana: I prefer a happy medium. I don’t like to have the over-the-top glitzy look or the overly casual photo either. I just like to look like the best version of Alana Lee I can. Depending on what the headshot is being used for, certain qualifications may change. I have different headshots I use for professional endeavors, political events and pageant publications. It all depends on the audience, venue and use of the photo.

Judith: Imagine spending a Saturday in a city where no one knows who you are. How do you dress and wear your hair and makeup when no one is looking?

Alana: I usually wear dressy-casual types of outfits. Most of the time that entails a nice pair of jeans with a cute top, heels and a pair of earrings. I round-brush my hair while blow-drying, so my hair has a loose curl to it and my make-up is done to the nines. No false eyelashes, but I still like to feel pretty when I’m casual!

Judith: Tell us when we can tune in to see you compete for the Miss America Title?

Alana: If you’re in Las Vegas during January 10-14, you should come watch the pageant at Planet Hollywood Casino! If that’s not an option, viewers can tune in to ABC on January 14, 2012 to see the events unfold. It’s thrilling any way you watch it, but the excitement at the LIVE show is tangible!

Thank you Alana. You know I’ll be watching the Miss America Pageant and following you during your reign as Miss Nevada 2011. Good luck! XO-Judith

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