Mother’s Day

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It’s Mother’s Day and once again time to celebrate “Mom’s”; beautiful, nerdy, athletic, creative, overworked, powerful, simple, incredible, loving, intense, reliable, sensitive, hard core, interesting, busy moms. Many are extraordinary woman celebrating mother’s and father’s day, conquering the challenges of single handedly raising successful, wonderful, productive, well-adjusted kids. Katherine Phelps is just such a woman.

KATHERINEPHELPS_POLIt’s a story that didn’t begin until after her 40th birthday, a time in life when many women are facing daunting answers to some of life’s most important questions. As the consummate career woman, who created and published Atlanta Woman Magazine, the thought of “having a baby” was the furthest from her mind (after all, she was raising a successful magazine empire)… until Marise came along at only 22 weeks, weighing barely 1 pound. Even with a bumpy, complicated beginning filled with hospitals, heart defects, fetal monitors, the loss of a marriage and the magazine, this small child brought Katherine through the world of emotional, financial, medical miracle survival and showed her the true meaning of the word…Love.

It made Katherine into the Author, Magazine Publisher, and Activist that she is today and through all adversity, she found that having humor, grace and style were the key ingredients for creating Beautiful Media in Atlanta. And her latest new baby is… VIVA INTERNATIONALE Magazine…For Women of Excellence around the world! Among the dozens of Independent books and magazines, from first word to full blown color graphics, Katherine somehow found time to shepherd my own personal project “Gotcha Covered, the Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup”. After a considerable time span of working and laughing together, she has not only become my Publisher, she is my treasured “Friend”.

Through the years, she has written numerous articles on the subject of cosmetics, making one of Katherine’s titles “Magic Makeup Genie”…When her personal testimonial included “bumps, bruises and putting on a brave face” her own need for camouflage cosmetics translated into helping other women survive and thrive through incredible situations.

Marise and Katherine are two souls who keep each other alive physically and emotionally, with both Mother’s and Father’s day shared between them, they have created a mother, daughter bond that is unparalleled and unbelievably special.

As I strive to surround myself with people who allow for my best self to surface, I know that Katherine Phelps is a woman of caliber and candor with a brave, beautiful soul and when it comes to my life… she has “Got me Covered” too.

Read more of Katherine’s story and others in the recently published book:

I Am A Mother, Celebrating Mothers,” which can be found at:

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