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I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I know I did. As I’m sure everyone had some fun in the sun, I want to take a moment to stress the importance of protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. You’ve heard it a million times, but there is a good reason for this unrelenting repetition.

fun_in_the_sunIn the 60’s & 70’s, sun reflectors ran ramped on the beaches, and at pools. Everyone was blissfully unaware the havoc sun-kissed tans had on their skin. Then as the years went by, numerous articles were released, aimed at educating the public on the dangers of the UV radiation, including serious premature aging and skin cancer. Marketers soon after came out with a lotion intended to block skin from the harmful rays. Of course, we all know this now as sunscreen. Although this was a wonderful advance, I remember most being unwilling to slather thick lotion in the hot sun, all while giving up their gorgeous tan. However the past ten years or so, popular magazines and brands have launched campaigns, pushing consumers to get serious about protecting their skin from sun damage.

I was always diligent about covering my skin in the sun, even when I was younger. But as I realized a few years back, sometimes that is not enough. I discovered I had skin cancer on my nose, most likely, as my doctor pointed out, from sun exposure while driving. I see now more than ever how important it is to wear sunscreen whenever your skin has any contact with UV rays. Even if it’s just a walk around the block. I was lucky the cancer I had was easily treatable, but not everyone is that fortunate. Doctors recommend to regularly check your skin. Pay attention to odd freckles, moles, and growths on your skin, and consult your doctor if you notice any changes. For example, a change in a mole can indicate potential skin cancer. Early detection is definitely key!

fun_in_the_sun_beachOf course, we cannot deny our longing for gorgeous tanned skin. Thankfully, sunless tanning has made enormous leaps. What used to be streaky, orange, and smelly, is now easy applicable product, providing a bronzed color. Just remember to exfoliate your skin before application, and to wash those hands after, and you are ready to debut your beautiful glow, cancer free! Here at Judith August Cosmetics, we love our “Invisible Stockings”, a tinted lotion providing natural-looking color that gives you sexy silky legs! Our product goes one step further to also provide coverage for skin imperfections, such as spider veins, bruises, freckles, and more. Click here to check it out!

Like anything, the more often you incorporate these practices into your daily routine, it will become like second nature. So remember to wear sunscreen, lots of hats, and invest in a great sunless tanner. And in case you’re wondering, yes, these are orders straight from the “mother nag”!

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